Definition of a Producer

I was watching “Tales from the Script” (highly recommended for anyone who even dares to think of being a screenwriter) and heard from a writer whose name escapes me: “A producer is someone who lies long enough and well enough that the lie becomes the truth.”

I’ve always said the difference between a con man and a visionary in Hollywood is success. Using the word “lie,” of course, puts it in a negative framework. Belief and vision and faith are the positive terms for practical visualization, where you not only see the picture but you do and say everything you can to make others see the picture until, one day, the picture is.

The producer is the one who dares to walk the tightrope between dream and reality, like the rope between the Two Towers. What makes a great producer is that he never gives up, even when the writer does, even when the studio does, even when everyone else does.

5 Things Every Writer Needs to Do in Today’s Changing Story Market:

1) Don’t ask how it’s done. Figure out how to do it.

2) Figure out exactly who your market is.

3) Figure out how to approach that market.

4) Consider becoming your own publisher now rather than after five years of rejection.

5) Never give up.