Best 5 Movies I Saw in December

  1. Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion
  2. Nathalie
  3. Exit through the Gift Shop
  4. The Lost Valentine
  5. Apres Vous.

Tips For Writers

Every character should have an outer goal (external goal) and an inner need (what their emotional journey is about: what are they dealing with? Overcoming fear, guilt, abandonment, grief, abuse, needing to forgive, what is it that is propelling their inner world and making them do what they do?).—Claire Hutchinson

Tips For Screenwriters

Good story ideas can be stated in a single sentence (usually the one that ends up in TV Guide), known as the story's "premise," "hook," or "concept."

Tips For Screenwriters

Unhappy endings don't make grittier films, violence doesn't make more exciting films, and sex to the point of being pornography doesn’t make for a sexier movie.