Fourteen Reasons for Rejections by GENE FEHLER

"The suggestions made for revisions will often make the difference between acceptance and rejection..."

  • You really don't want to write; you just want to be published.
  • You haven't read widely the kind of material you are trying to write.
  • You haven't mastered writing techniques.
  • You've been too easily discouraged.
  • You haven't studied the market.
  • You failed to follow up leads.
  • You can't take criticism.
  • Your writing is commonplace or lacks imaginative spark.
  • Your query letters don't "sell" your idea.
  • You don't revise before submitting your manuscript.
  • You are too concerned with writing for a specific market.
  • You haven't learned the editorial requirements of a specific market.
  • You make excuses for not writing.

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